Terms of Service, Return Policy and Care

caitlin cimino jewelry is art in the form of fine jewelry and needs to be cared for and worn in an environment you would wear an art piece. please thoroughly read and agree to the policies listed below prior to purchasing, should you fail to do so, caitlin cimino will not be held responsible.

returns/exchanges for purchases from caitlin cimino

-because each piece is handmade to order, caitlin cimino does not accept returns or exchanges on any items. all sales are final.

returns/exchanges for purchases from another stockist

-please contact the stockist that you originally purchased the jewelry from.

 caring for your caitlin cimino jewelry

-caitlin cimino jewelry is handmade and can be fragile, please handle and wear with care.

-gemstones, plant and insect material used in caitlin cimino jewelry are from the earth/nature and have not been chemically treated, therefore they are very fragile and slight changes may occur to gemstones and the nature collection over time. handle and wear with extreme care.

-do not expose your jewelry to water and avoid unnecessary exposure to heat and moisture.

-never clean caitlin cimino jewelry with chemicals. instead, gently wipe with a soft, damp cloth.

-caitlin cimino as a company and an individual is not responsible for: 1) any distortion to jewelry, gemstones or skin contact that may happen over time 2) for jewelry, nature or crystals causing any skin irritation or reactions 3) should your piece become damaged or broken due to negligence.

 ring sizing

-it is recommended that you have your finger sized by a professional jeweler and ask for your united states ring size. one of a kinds and nature collection can not be exchanged. most other rings may be exchanged for a fee + shipping.

if you are in the orlando area, feel free to contact caitlin cimino to set up an appointment to have her size you personally.

if you have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out: info@caitlincimino.com

repairs for purchases from caitlin cimino

-for all repair inquiries, please email info@caitlincimino.com. please include your name, description of damage, photo of the damage, and proof of purchase. if caitlin cimino is able to repair your jewelry you will be sent shipping instructions. all repairs are subject to shipping charges and fees. caitlin cimino reserves the right to deny unreasonable repairs as well as repairs due to negligence.

repairs for purchases from another stockist

-please contact the stockist that you originally purchased the jewelry from.


-because all caitlin cimino jewelry is handmade to order, shipping will occur within 4-7 weeks after order confirmation unless otherwise stated.

-usps priority flat rate shipping with additional insurance and signature confirmation will be used on all orders. please track your package to ensure you are available to sign for it upon delivery.

-loss or damage during shipment must be reported within 3 days of delivery/loss and must include a detailed description and photos if damaged.

-crystals and plant material used in caitlin cimino jewelry and apothecary are not intended to cure or prevent any disease, disorder, etc.

-caitlin cimino reserves the right to alter or change any information in the stated policies at any time.