love notes from clients

(thank you, i love you!)

mallory, miami

"Caitlin is a curl magician! I've had a stylist for years that I love, but she cuts my hair for a blowout, which just isn't practical for my day to day. Caitlin has given me two great cuts that highlight rather than hide my curls and taught me how to rock them! My hair has seriously never looked better. She walked me through the process of styling my curly hair, with variations for mornings where I am short on time to the full routine for when I can carve out a few more minutes. She is always kind, knowledgeable, and just a joy to be around. There's a light about her that can't be put into words: I don't think that any review can do her justice. I can't wait to see her next time she's in town!"

sarah, miami

I literally can’t say enough good things about my experience with Caitlin cutting my hair. She listened to and understood all my concerns, was extremely patient and kind about the existential crisis my hair and I are undergoing right now, and gave me the best cut and style of my life- I was literally in tears at the end because I could not believe it was possible for my hair to look as good as it did. She explained everything she was doing as many times as I needed to understand it and gave me excellent advice about how to style my hair at home. The only reason I’m mildly annoyed is because I can no longer imagine going anywhere else to have my hair cut, and this doesn’t come cheap! But it’s so, so worth it."

lj, los angeles

“CAITLIN! CAITLIN! CAITLIN! she’s the best. my hair is generally - what most stylists call - “the thickest hair they have ever seen”. it’s curly/wavy and big. it needed major carving and attention. Caitlin takes her time and really listens to what i want. She’s excellent. I like to work when i’m having my hair cut, and she’s great at reading my cues (when i want to chat, when i want to work, etc). I think she is very talented. I will follow her wherever she goes.

pooja, miami

"Caitlin was attentive, focused, professional and completely endearing. I was delighted with the whole experience and walked out of the salon with a permagrin. She educated me on how to style my hair at home and made it so approachable. I came out of state to see her and it was worth it. So happy with my cut! Also, learned she makes jewelry and realized she's a natural at creating stunning works of art, with both gemstones and hair as her canvas."

sarah, switzerland

"I spent 28 years overwhelmed by my fine, curly hair, and I had kind of resigned myself to it doing whatever it wanted while still being frizzy and kind of a hot mess- until I met Caitlin. I started going to see her at Ouidad in Fort Lauderdale based on the strength of the reviews I read on Yelp, and she has proven to be an absolute godsend/wizard/goddess/miracle worker when it comes to my hair. I actually cried the first time she finished- that's how surprised I was that my hair could look defined, soft, manageable, and then some. I live and work 7000 miles away from the US and I time my trips home so I can get in to see her. She is beyond fantastic and worth however many hours it takes to drive to see her."

liz, miami

“Not until I had Caitlin do a cut, did I really feel like I was getting not only a cut, but an education on how to style it once I got home.  My curls are very happy and I will continue to go to Caitlin to keep them happy. I’m extremely happy and can’t wait to go back for my next cut!”

ana, miami

“I've been getting my hair cut with Caitlin for years now and she is the ONLY person I will let near my locks! I cannot speak highly enough about her and how good she is at what she does! She is friendly and will patiently answer all of your hair questions, I had about a zillion my first appointment. She not only gave me the best hair cut I have ever received but showed me that curly hair is not a curse quite the opposite. I could go door to door and become a Caitlin witness. I loveeee my hair, it's easy to manage, healthy and it has a lot to do with Caitlin! So thank you thank you thank you Caitlin!

raylene, los angeles

"Life’s short, people - embrace your curls and go to Caitlin! I love her. She really ‘gets’ me and my obsession with my hair, and her cuts are just remarkable.  I get compliments everywhere I go. Caitlin is extremely professional and passionate about what she does. Caitlin’s my girl - she’s incredible and in my opinion is one of the best stylists around.”

ayn, miami

"Look no further for awesome curly care TLC from Caitlin, she is fantastic!  I had a great curly care experience with Caitlin / Curl Expert/ Stylist, who revived my curls and provided outstanding educational suggestions for curly care.  Thank you very much Caitlin for your professionalism and expert curl care."

rachel, miami

"I have struggled with my curly hair my entire life and I cannot rave enough about the cut that Caitlin gave me. She cut both me and my sister's hair and we were both so amazed with her talent! She was extremely professional, easy to talk to, explained the products and technique very well, and most importantly, she gave me an incredible cut. This technique really works! My hair has a beautiful shape and the curls really do fall into amazing interlocking ringlets! Sooo happy with this cut and would recommend Caitlin to EVERYONE with curly hair. She is a true expert and really understands how to work with curly hair. And I have been able to recreate the look on my own with the products at home--another miracle!

brittany, los angeles

“I got my first haircut by Caitlin a couple years ago and I have returned without hesitation for every cut since.  Because of her confidence, kind heart, and impeccable style, I will always be back! Every visit is enjoyable and thorough, always leaving with a smile and beautifully styled hair. Thank you Caitlin for changing my world!”

cynthia, miami

“As a curl girl, I know who can truly manage an incredible cut whether I wear it straight or curly has to be a consummate, skilled artist. I don’t mind spending extra on a great haircut that grows out beautifully. That’s what I had prior so I was concerned on who was up to the job. I did my research and ended up with Caitlin. She’s the real deal. Love her energy and my hair is looking fab!! Caitlin is a precious gem.  She is a true hair artist, embraces us curl girls and is a pleasure to get to know.”

sara, miami

"The experience is amazing. Caitlin is a legitimate wizard who used sorcery (and her incredible talent) to shape my deeply problematic, fine classic curls into something beautiful; plus, she was beyond patient in explaining how to style my hair. I've tried for months since the first time I saw her to recreate her artwork and it didn't work, but she went slowly and I got to write everything down. She is beyond fantastic. I would follow Caitlin to the ends of the earth because no one else is ever going to touch my hair."

anna, miami

"Go see Caitlin! 300 Characters can not even begin to cover how she has literally changed my life. She taught me how to love and care for my curls so that I no longer have to cross my fingers and hope for a good hair day. She is brilliant and patient and the best thing you could ever do for your curls!"

kristi, miami

"As a curly haired girl, most of us have struggled our whole lives to find a stylist that knows how to handle our hair. Plenty of stylist have confidently stated they know how to cut curly hair. After many Rod Stewart type shags and awful layers, I quickly learned that curly hair is not easy to cut and most stylists are not educated to do so. I found Caitlin about 10 years ago and have not trusted anyone else with my hair since. She specializes in curls. What a relief it is to not walk into a salon anxious. I know I will always walk out with beautiful bouncy curls.
It also helps that she's adorable, delivers great customer service, and has a great energy about her that can make anyone feel comfortable in her chair.
I highly recommend Caitlin! She's the best"

joyce, miami

“Caitlin was VERY professional and did a great job. She gave me exactly what I asked for. My hair looks great and I can tell it will grow in even better. I received several compliments just on my way home! Caitlin was very patient and explained how to style my hair and even took time to write it down for me! I’ll definitely be back!!!”

leah, miami

"I had spent months reviewing curly stylists and I finally decided to move forward and try Caitlin. I chose her based on her reviews and I will say I made the best decision. She was easy to understand, very informative and personable. Caitlin took the time to show me step by step, the best way to style my hair, showing me several different tips and techniques. Thank you, Caitlin. You have restored my faith in trusting a hairdresser."