chevonne's looking glass

chevonne's looking glass

from 99.00
  • hand forged

  • one of a kind

  • sea glass from the california coast - gifted by my sweet friend, chevonne

  • upcycled sterling silver

  • hand-carved moon, sun, stars and mountains

  • strung on white eco-friendly hemp cord

  • created during full/new moons

  • created through ritual and ceremony with positive and loving intentions

    necklace measures approx. 13.5"

    purple pendant measures 1”

    clear/smokey pendant measures .75”

the intention i kept in mind as i created these pendants was for the wearer to see their connection to the sun, moon, stars, mountains and oceans. to remember that we are connected to one another and to mother earth - we are one.

caitlin cimino jewelry is art in the form of fine jewelry and needs to be cared for and worn in an environment you would wear an art piece. please thoroughly read and agree to the policies prior to purchasing. 

crystals and plant material used in caitlin cimino jewelry and apothecary are not intended to cure or prevent any disease, disorder, etc.

seaglass color:
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