from 65.00
  • hand forged

  • 28" cotton cord included

  • brass or silver (not shown) pendant

  • antique finish

  • current year hand engraved into pendant

for mass quantity please inquire within: info@caitlincimino.com

each pendant is made to order. therefore, expect slight variations in aesthetic and please allow 4-7 weeks for ship out.

caitlin cimino jewelry is art in the form of fine jewelry and needs to be cared for and worn in an environment you would wear an art piece. please thoroughly read and agree to the policies prior to purchasing. 

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the burn necklace's story


  • each burn necklace is made to order therefore slight aesthetic differences are to be expected.
  • please allow 7-14 business days for ship out.


  • CARE: this piece is handmade, therefore fragile. please handle with the utmost care to maintain it’s longevity. do not expose your piece to water and avoid unnecessary exposure to heat and moisture. to clean never use chemicals, instead use a damp cloth and gently wipe clean.’