• hand forged
  • one of a kind
  • chumash flint arrowhead discovered on a hike in santa barbara, ca
  • reclaimed sterling silver pendant
  • antique finish
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the sequoia collection's story

  • the sequoia collection was created to embody the great sequoia trees. their otherworldly beauty and reflection of strength, time and patience has forever left an imprint on caitlin’s heart and memory.

  • in these creations, caitlin has taken her self-mined stones in varying shades of green aquamarine & green tourmalines and decorated them with recycled metals, some of which she has contorted to resemble branches or earth-like aesthetics.

CARE: this piece is handmade, therefore fragile. please handle with the utmost care to maintain it’s longevity. do not expose your piece to water and avoid unnecessary exposure to heat and moisture. to clean never use chemicals, instead use a damp cloth and gently wipe clean.