i have been studying natural wellness and healing since 2007. after spending most of my teenage and early adult years on antibiotics for recurring sinus infections, bronchitis, pleurisy and seeing my immune system weaken over time as a result. i never healed fully long term - i was only temporarily fixing the symptoms and i decided there had to be a more proactive and lasting solution that western medicine wasn’t offering me.

this led me to researching natural remedies which i applied to my life. i saw longterm and sometimes immediate results from taking herbs and foods i found in my kitchen and this lit my desire to continue learning natural approaches to healing the bodies physical and emotional imbalances. 

i have been an l.e. since 2007 and became certified in western herbalism in 2015. these certifications or understandings have laid atop my ability to feel or simply know what is at the root cause of someones struggle. call it intuition, call it “woo woo”, call it what you want, but it is my truth. today i continue to incorporate these learnings alongside ayurvedic treatments and philosophy.

ayurveda is a beautiful system for healing the body and returning it to it’s original and maintained healthy state. it incorporates a whole body approach - meaning mind/body/spirit. in other words, you can not simply treat symptoms without knowing the root of it’s cause. while western medicine is incredible and necessary for emergencies it has also caused us to question our own capabilities at managing our own health. we can not put a bandaid on a deep emotion, we can not ingest a pill for our eating habits, we can not do these things and expect to feel whole.

by combining herbs, foods and lifestyle changes that are beneficial for our specific body/mind (dosha) type we will see incredible life altering changes. i hope to bring public mindfulness and awareness to how we move about our lives - not just our thinking state, but our emotions and what we place in our bodies, which are so precious.

our bodies are our vehicles in this lifetime, we must lovingly fill them with the proper fuel if we expect our journey to run smoothly.