03.11.18 | the bench


the workbench behind me was originally custom built by a retired jeweler for his wife. as i came back to the wacky state of florida in 2016, i had been in the midst of taking a break for close to a year from metalsmithing, social media, socializing and all things non hermit-like. at some point i decided i needed a bench again. i found this one on craigslist and drove 2 hours to pick it up from the jeweler and his lovely wife.
i ended up staying for a while and talking to the husband about sustainability while he showed me his sweet vegetable garden with a sustainable water system he built and old polaroid photos of jewelry he once created. before i left, i sat on their driveway, picking grass, and i told him my idea of forging organic materials like plants and flowers into jewelry. he was actually one of the first people i ever expressed this to. his aged eyes grew wide with disbelief and excitement - that’s when i knew i was on to something special.

Caitlin Cimino1 Comment