12.31.17 | dream

last night i dreamt a reminder, that life is all a state of mind therefore, we can change our reality at any moment. a simple and deeply true message but sometimes forgotten, especially when insecurities come into play. we all have them and all outer judgement is a direct result of judgement within. for me, 2017 has turned out to be a year of listening, to myself and to others. staying quiet and really hearing the seeds of opinions, accusations, love, joy, anger, passion and pain.
i’ve learned a great deal through this and as a result i feel my limbs outstretched, closer to the sun...deeper roots continually forming. i’ve also experienced the ritual of past come into play, a habitual merry go round painted in grey. so, last nights message reminded me that you are the artist and life is the paint to your personal canvas. if what you’re looking at feels muted, it’s important to ask yourself gently, “how can i make my projection of this situation brighter and warmer?” - grateful to take this knowing into 2018. happy new year, lovebugs.
“we’re all just a bunch of silly humans fumbling about our way and at the same time we are all just shy of perfect, just enough, a gift to appreciate and share with each other before it is so easily taken away.”

Caitlin CiminoComment