12.11.17 | break


i was going through old journal entries and came across this one i wrote last year around this time. 

the year is nearly over, the dust has settled and i'm able to think back to the most self-altering year of my life and understand that if things...life, conspired as i wanted - oh mama, what a pickle i'd be in.
it's important to trust the turns, the sadness, the excitement, and all other emotional upheavals and allow each wave to spin you, to nearly drown you.
i remember playing in the ocean with dan last year. one time, in particular, the waves were more massive and intimidating than i'd ever seen them. it was then i learned to let them take me, no matter how terrifying. i remember the feeling of being under water, allowing each wave to thrash me around like a rag doll and then cradle me like a baby. there were moments of absolute fear and others of absolute bliss. and the more comfortable i became with the first...the more the first felt like the latter.
life's like that. it shows no mercy, especially when the feeling of contentment sneaks in...and that's where it matters most. that's when we nearly break so we can collect our pieces and build a stronger foundation so we're ready for the next beautiful path altering moment, person or earth shaking push to veer you off your path of comfort, off your path of how you believe life "should be" and placing you on the path of a greater self...should you choose to accept and allow it.

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