i’ve been playing with curly hair since 2004, where i assisted at a specialty curly hair salon (ouidad). at that time i was young and was unsure of what i wanted to do professionally, but i did know that i wanted to help people and share my creativity with others.

while at the salon i loved seeing the physical and emotional transformation a great curly haircut and proper education gave clients - they would light up from deep inside. this experience encouraged me to go to cosmetology school in 2005 and to train for my ouidad certification so i could specialize in curly hair while having a proper foundation to work on. since then i have only cut and treated curly hair, and i love it more today than i ever have.

for as far back as i can remember, i always straightened my curls with a clothing iron or a flat iron. it wasn’t until i began accepting and expressing myself through my true self rather than hairstyles, makeup, clothing or ego that i really started to appreciate the gift i have been given. i started wearing my hair in it’s natural curly state, embraced every one of my frizzy curl patterns and began experimenting with more natural styling products. since then, i feel i've been able to really help my clients on a much more profound level. 

for me, cutting curly hair comes with an understanding of different natural textures, yes, but it also has to do with the individual that was born with them. finding out their story and helping them understand and cherish their curls through a new light is what i love to do.

i see the head as a sculpture and each curl must be etched different, embracing movement.
creating sculptured movement becomes meditative for me.

i am also a metalsmith, i specialize in sculptural jewelry and i know my two creative worlds feed and balance one another through inspiration, patience and steadiness of hand. 

i look forward to meeting you.

i specialize in wavy to tight curl patterns.


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i was a Senior Stylist and Educator at the prestigious Los Angeles and Miami Ouidad Flagship salons from 2004 - 2018

today, i appear as a guest artist at the renowned Ramirez|Tran salon in Beverly Hills, california as their Curl Expert.
to book with me at RT, see my contact page

i styled hair for runway shows such as Chloé and Cosabella, Miami Swim Week, red carpet events, various production works and photoshoots.