creeping rubellite [size 5.5]

creeping rubellite [size 5.5]

  • hand forged

  • one of a kind

  • self-mined rubellite

  • upcycled sterling silver

  • antique finish

  • size 5.5

  • created during full/new moons

  • created through ritual and ceremony with positive and loving intentions

- rubellite energetic properties: stimulates healing of the heart. stimulates creativity and intuition.

caitlin cimino jewelry is art in the form of fine jewelry and needs to be cared for and worn in an environment you would wear an art piece. please thoroughly read and agree to the policies prior to purchasing.  

crystals and plant material used in caitlin cimino jewelry and apothecary are not intended to cure or prevent any disease, disorder, etc.

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