caitlin gained her foundationAL education in jewelry fabrication while apprenticing under a master jeweler in FLORENCE, ITALY. she is also self-taught in many metalsmithing and wax carving techniques.

  • a portion of each online purchase is donated to earthworks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of irresponsible metal mining.
  • i have a deep seeded belief in setting energy intention - each piece of jewelry has been made with a set intention of peace, love, and joy.

i know in my depths that we must be more responsible when purchasing jewelry to adorn ourselves with. many do not realize the majority of jewelry available today was created using gemstones and metals from untraceable sources - and these sources are likely using inhumane and/or irresponsible mining conditions. conditions that negatively impact the environment and it’s inhabitants.

the only way to know your gemstones are ethically sourced is if you mine them yourself or know the miner directly. the devastation that irresponsible metal-mining and gemstone mining causes to the environment is massive; according to, metal-mining is the number one toxic polluter, every day forests are torn down and water ways are being polluted. the list is long and heartbreaking.

we must make a change.

because of this knowing, i only use reclaimed metals and all the crystals i utilize i have mined for myself or i know the miner directly and i will always list that on the piece's description. i am involved in everything from the beginning phase of the initial idea down to the casting and finishing process. this is to ensure my creations and it’s adorers are leaving as little environmental footprint as possible. 

caitlin cimino